Off Grid Family Activities

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There are many reasons individuals might choose to live off grid, and many may have questions about the off grid family lifestyle. Some might wonder how their children will be educated, or they might try to find out more information about what off grid activities will help their children become more self-reliant and independent. We all know that technology is a big part of modern entertainment, so what kind of off grid family activities can help keep your family happy and healthy?

We all know that many families go out of their way to plan activities. Some of them might go out to dinner at a restaurant, while others might watch a movie together. These options are not available to many of those who chose the off grid family lifestyle. Here are some off grid family activities that you might want to start thinking about.

Walk Together

While it might not sound like the most exciting option out of all off grid activities, taking a walk is a great way to enjoy the nature around you. Your family could also have conversations while walking, and it can also encourage your children to appreciate nature and also get their bodies moving. Of course, it also allows parents to move their bodies without having to do too much work, as well.

A walk is much more attractive as one of many off grid activities if you live in an area where there is a lot to see. For example, you might live near some exciting foliage, and you could use the walk as an opportunity to teach your children about different plants and trees. Walking can also help strengthen bones and muscles, so it’s one of several off grid activities that can make you healthier while also improving your mood. Your family might even live by a beach or a lake, which could make a walk more preferable than other off grid activities.


One of the most interesting things about living off grid is that many families realize that they used to consume so much content. They might spend their entire day working, only to come home and realize that they watch news programs, entertainment shows, and more. One of many interesting off grid activities is writing your own thoughts and noticing what you’ve been thinking about.

This might also prove to be an incredible off grid family way to learn about creativity, emotions, and expression. Your children might find an outlet, and they may begin journaling when they are angry or questioning the world around them. If your children start journaling, you might find that it is one of many off grid activities that helps them feel better about their life and the world around them.


If you are an off grid family, then that means that your children aren’t jamming out to songs that they are playing on their smartphone. There’s a good chance that your family might not know about the top radio hits during that time, either. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t appreciate music! Playing music can be an excellent way for your off grid family to connect, have fun, and relieve stress.

It might take an investment or some creative bartering, but a great family activity would be to learn and play musical instruments together. You might already know how to play an instrument or two, and teaching your children what you know about playing the guitar or trumpet could end up making them more curious about instruments in general. Of course, you don’t have to be an expert to have fun! Experimenting with musical instruments can be a wonderful off grid family activity.

Board Games

When it comes to off grid activities, many families should invest in as many board games as possible. You might also want to bring cards along, as there are countless off grid activities and games that families can have fun with when it comes to cards. Either way, whether it’s Clue, Monopoly, or chess, board games are an incredible way for an off grid family to come together, have fun, sharpen up their skills, and get competitive. If your off grid family isn’t a huge fan of board games, then puzzles or crosswords might be an alternative.

Some board games can emphasize teamwork, as well, and other board games that might also teach your children about the importance of sharing. An off grid family doesn’t even need board games to play games. For example, a game of charades can help your children learn about communication, and it’s one of many off grid activities that can be as entertaining as it is informative.


An off grid family might not have access to television or YouTube, but there are certainly millions of books that have been written that you can enjoy! One of the great things about reading is that it is one of many off grid activities that individuals can enjoy no matter who they are. If you don’t have access to books, or don’t have the resources to purchase books, then your off grid family could always try to find a local library.

You can get your children started early with a healthy reading habit and encourage them to read different books to learn about the world around them. Books can also come in handy when other off grid activities are limited thanks to weather conditions.


You might have become an off grid family because you were tired of the hustle and bustle of modern life. As a result, there’s a good chance that many of your off grid activities will involve nature of some kind. What about the idea of just actually seeing the stars for a change? Millions of people live in cities that don’t appreciate the beauty of the sky thanks to smog and other forms of pollution.

It might sound a bit idealistic, but stargazing with your off grid family can lead to some stimulating conversations and a deep appreciation of the world around you.

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